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Mortgaging D-USA

Living in one’s four walls and not paying rent anymore plus knowing to have a roof over your head when you are older – this dream of owning a home unites people all over the world. There is only one problem: a home is usually not that cheap. It really requires a lot of discipline and endurance to save enough money to buy a home. Not everybody is capable of such discipline but doesn’t want to let a good opportunity slip to invest in real estate. Financial institutions such as banks and in particular savings banks are usually the first address for providing capital to acquire real estate. But how does mortgaging actually work? Particularly interesting is to know how the situation is in the USA whose real estate crisis triggered the biggest global economic crisis since 1929.

On the following pages you will find fundamental information about real estate finance in Germany and the United States. You will find out how mortgaging works in both countries, who gives out which loan and what the biggest differences between these two systems, really are. Furthermore we provide the most important information about household insurance in both countries – so you know how to protect your goods and chattels in your new home the optimal way.

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